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Mindful Family Sundays




Sunday Sept 23rd, 2018

Sunday Oct 21st, 2018

@ 10 am - 6 pm (hourly sessions)

@ Camden Town/ Kentish Town

Clean Break, 2 Patshull Road

London, NW5 2LB





Sunday Sept 23rd, 2018 schedule


10am - Mindfulness for families with Véronique

​All ages. We will explore together a few simple and very practical mindfulness practices that we can incorporate in our daily family lives in order to reduce stress and increase health and happiness for all!


11am - DreamBirth® for Pregnancy with Emily

Are you thinking about starting a family, or are pregnant already?

Come and find out how DreamBirth can help you to harness and develop your intuition and inner intelligence as you work towards the birth and family of your dreams!


Using imagery exercises that are quick, easy and transformative, in this introductory class, you will learn practical visualisation techniques that help you to relax, connect with your unborn baby, and prepare yourself for labour. DreamBirth enables women and couples to prepare consciously and effectively for conception, pregnancy and birth by connecting and aligning the mind with the body.


Developed by Dr Catherine Shainberg, founder of the School of Images in New York, this method is based on ancient imagery techniques that activate the creative power of your mind and the deep wisdom of your body. This dynamic approach is used by hundreds of women across the world to have an easier, more gentle journey to parenthood.


12 noon - Introduction to Aromatherapy with Kristina

Learn about the history, function and use of essential oils!

I will give you the basic information you need to start experimenting with essential oils in a safe and effective way, as well as the resources to create your own products.


1 pm - Guided Relaxation Meditation with Véronique

Bring your own yoga mat, a pillow and a light blanket. Only a few mats will be available.

​Open to ages 8+. Younger children welcome if they can remain quiet (perfect nap time!!).


2 pm - Children Mindful Yoga with Samara

Let this rainbow-filled class take your child’s imagination on a magical journey using postures and breathwork, visualisation and relaxation, with lots of laughter. 

Class is suitable for ages 5-10.


3 pm The Healing Power of Sounding Bowls with Tobias

​Tobias is coming all the way from Dartmoor to be with us!!

   A one hour talk on Sounding Bowls Sounding Bowls are an experience. The strings that run through the centre of these wooden bowls ring out with a sound comparable to the Himalayan Singing Bowls but play music like a harp. The refined curves and sacred geometry amplify the harmonics within each note giving a mesmerising sound that is widely used in therapy in the NHS. 

Tobias, who has been making these bowls since the image was given to him in a meditation in 1986 will give us a powerful experience of the sounds each different one makes from the tiny five-string Meditation Bowls to the massive, gong-like Lyre Bowls and the Elizabethan-sounding Melody Bowls. With six types currently being made by his small team of intensively trained master makers there is a wide range to choose from, each with its own character. Made from a single piece of local, fresh-worked wood the character of the different trees can also be heard in the sound, you may learn a new way of looking at trees from listening. 

For many who have considered themselves ‘Non-musical’ for a lifetime Sounding Bowls now create a way into music. The quality of resonance in itself gives a richly enjoyable response. As if the original meditation-image still rings through them their sound aids mindfulness and Tobias will describe some simple exercises to bring inner peace and focus to any moment using one or a few notes. A process that can expand to spontaneous music making for anyone.


4 pm Sonic Meditation followed by a Silent meditation with Véronique

​A space to chant The Note from Heaven as taught by Githa Ben David. Chanting the Note from Heaven helps detoxify the body, release self-limiting beliefs or old traumas and brings us closer to who we truly are.
Allow yourself to be amazed at the power of the group welcoming sacred sound and moving into greater levels of stillness. Resting in the silence following the sound brings an unparalleled restorative period and deeply integrates the experience.


5 pm Healing Hour for all ages with Ambrosia Healing and Véronique

Ambrosia Healing is coming all the way from Zele in Belgium!

You will be fully clothed; you can choose to remain seated or you can bring your own yoga mat, a pillow and a light blanket. Only a few mats will be available. Healers may use light sound or complete silence. You will be invited to reflect on what it is you need healing for on that particular day.


ADVANCE booking September 10th- 22nd:

  • hourly session £10 per person, £3 discount for 5-18 yr old accompanied by parents, free under 5's
  • two or more hourly sessions £8 per person, £3 discount for 5-18 yr old accompanied by parents, free under 5's

AT THE DOOR, September 23rd:

  • hourly session £13 per person, £3 discount for 5-18 yr old accompanied by parents, free under 5's
  • two or more hourly sessions £10 per person, £3 discount for 5-18 yr old accompanied by parents, free under 5's

contact us to request payment information - Please be specific on ages of attendees for each event requested and a link for payment will be sent.


Sunday OCt 21st, 2018 schedule

Posted soon.


An article in the Telegraph On Mindful Parenting
... According to Veronique Ryan, who trained as a GP in her native France and now advises on healing, it's not as impossible as it sounds. "Being more mindful, focusing on the present moment, can benefit everyone. It's not just for gurus," she insists. "Mindfulness is a way of tapping into that feeling of calm and happiness, one breath at a time."...



Thank you Catalina Stogdon from the Telegraph for your lovely words. It was such a pleasure to meet you and share some of my experience with you!




Alex's brilliant book on The Inner Power of Stillness 


Exciting new reflections and practical advices exploring the role of the therapist and the healing process itself, taking into consideration both the client and the therapist's health at once.



Buy the book here

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