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It was an amazing session - I can't thank you enough. It makes me realize that I am only at the beginning of my exploration and my quest to become more purposeful.  But, I now believe I can start moving towards this goal. Thank you for caring, for sharing, for teaching. I hope you don't mind if I touch base with you on this again as I progress.
EGBP, London May 2016
I am extremely glad I did my soul plan with Véronique. Words cannot describe my incredible experience with her. She’s an astonishing therapist who gracefully read and interpreted my soul plan bringing light to many aspects of my life. Through my soul destiny plan I was able to confirm the likelihood of some obstacles that I might encounter through this life journey enabling me to identify, accept and see a way out. Also pointed out and endorsed abilities that I have, empowering me to reach my full potential. All that I learnt from the plan is something I’ll always carry with me and for sure, from now on it will influence every decision that I will make. It is an amazing instrument that allows you to know in depth about yourself, practiced by a wonderful therapist and I would advice each and everyone to do it. Very grateful that I did my soul plan with Véronique.
Mariza, London, April 2016
What an amazing experience I had with Veronique, reading my soul plan! She guided me through the soul plan and she explained to me with clarity and patience all the meanings of this system of analysis and steering in life. I felt amazed having a new understanding of myself and a clearer understanding about the purpose in my life and about the path that I have to follow. Thank you, Veronique!
C.I. Luanda, March 2016

I had my soul plan reading in March 2016 with Veronique. She explained the soul plan system first before going through my readings. I was surprised how accurate the analyses about my life were and I’m glad to have received the assurance that I was on the right path of my life. The reading has made me believe more in my intuitions and spiritual gifts. Now I listen more to my inner voice and feel aligned with my Truth.

A.A.S Luanda, Angola, March 2016


Our baby was just weeks old when Veronique read his soul plan.
It was so fun to think about how his life and personality would unfold. It was interesting to see how traits from both mother and father came through in his plan. 
It is funny to hear people point out certain characteristics upon meeting him that are clearly in his plan. 
At six and a half months he seems to be fullfilling his plan. His warm, calm and loving demeanour stand out. Definitely a guide and teacher for his parents! His community spirit is already shinning through here at the studio and in the surrounding neighbourhood. Everyone always wants to see Baby Yona! 
We will continue to revisit Yona's plan and gain insight into our growing baby. 
The experience was so beautiful we wanted to repeat it for ourselves. 
Thank you Veronique. 

Xila, Luanda, November 2015


My experience was one of being cleansed. The worries and maelstrom of thoughts that had previously dominated all thought about my future cleared. The solution was there all along – my soul reading provided the necessary validation for me to realise that I do have the potential to realise my dreams. I feel lighter, more determined and infinitely grateful after this experience.
Danielle, South Africa - skype, September 2015
Having had my soul plan read by Veronique I feel assured that I am on the right path and gained greater understanding of why things are the way they are for me. This lead to increased clarity and confidence in myself and trusting the flexible destiny of my life. I love Veronique's passion and engaged manner, she truly cares about people and their development. She also brings humour in and I found the experience truly empowering.
Simone, London, June 2015
I received a soul plan reading from Veronique and found it to be a wonderful experience. She uses her intuition to provide a very touching reading, highlighting the talents and using a very beautiful analogy of how I am like a bird singing a gentle tune - funny enough I have been developing my singing! Her reading gave clarity and helped to re-affirm the pathway I have taken so far.  Her attunement flows and I felt very relaxed after receiving the reading. Thank you Veronique! 
Josie, UK - skype, June 2015
For me, the whole experience of connecting with you was very enriching. Maybe it helped that we have things in common, so I felt a lot of confidence. As I told you in that moment, I identified with most of the things that you told me, they made a lot of sense either considering who am I but also what I have gone through. After the reading I have been feeling a bigger sense of purpose on the obstacles that have come to my life. It changed the way I perceive life, I became more conscientious of the notion of a life path, with "lessons" or learnings that I have to overcome in order to feel fulfilled. I's a whole different mindset. It has been very relieving and helped me to decrease anxiety actually.
Ana, Luanda, February 2015
Thank you so much for the time you spent working on my soul plan and the care you took in reviewing it with me. You provided me with a space to look deeply at the many corners of myself. The soul plan was very meaningful to me as a lot of what was reflected was pertinent to questions I have held about myself for many years. Whilst the experience was deeply personal, there was also an element of objectivity as the plan tied up with my soul number from my birthdate very accurately. Overall, it was an illuminating experience, for which I am very grateful. Thanks again! 
Frances, London, February 2015
I was taken by surprise when you mentioned one can have their soul plan made. The part of it that talked about worldly goals, talents etc was so perfect that I believe my spiritual goals, talents etc are shaping up better thanks to the guidance of the prediction. I was able to even know what was holding me back from moving forward with them. Please help others like me to move forward and act upon their goals. I was shocked how right you were with your predictions!!
Shefali, London, October 2014








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