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Comments from a happy parent: 

"It started as an experiment for us. Despite my initial doubts on whether my 10 years old son will be interested in mindfulness courses - he got hooked from the 1st lesson! There was a right balance of playfulness and seriousness in the way Veronique dealt with the children - it was great because my son was intrigued and willing to try. On the way back home from each lesson he would explain what he had done and he would even invite me to little "sense journeys" : of smell, sound, sight ..... 

When he was asked why he is doing those lessons he had replied "because it helps me with my absent mind-ness". But this was more a projection of what me and his teachers have been telling him. He is as absent minded as any other 10 years old. If I wanted to answer on his behalf I would say that he went because Veronique made it attractive enough from first lesson - because for him it became an adventure to notice his senses - and because eventually through these lessons he got a first grip of how he can notice and possible alter his thoughts. 

I have to say: I feel that now my son is more advanced than me! it worked for him. And I have to thank Veronique for that."


"Cala & I have both experienced the benefits of Mindfulness & have had the pleasure of Veronique herself guide us through the program.

Her expertise and devotion is unmeasurable."


"Mindfulness class is relaxing and calming.  It helps you be mindful of:  what's around you, finding the silence, and so much more!  It's good for all ages and it's really fun! :D  You get to eat things, touch things and so much more!  It's a really fun experience! :D"

- Katie D., Age 10


"Mindfulness class really helps you find your sense of calm, relaxes you, is engaging and keeps you interested.  You learn things about yourself you never thought you would.  Veronique is a very nice lady who runs the class well."

-Annabel D., Age 12


'I really enjoyed taking part in Mindful Family's workshops. Véronique is the embodiment of mindfulness and teaches children through her example how to be still and in the present moment. It was a delight to see how naturally children get mindfulness through the expert guidance of Véronique. Children enjoyed the playful and explorative nature of the classes and applied what they learned at home and in their every day lives. I strongly recommend this course as it supports children in their development by teaching them to be more aware and caring towards themselves and others'. Gaia


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"I love the way you have already shown us a variety of mindfulness practices ... I never imagined there were so many!  I love how they involved the different senses, some listening, some moving, some art ... and the website material complemented what we did in class."


“I want to thank you so much for letting me take your course. I really enjoyed our sessions. The two hours went by so quickly and it was wonderful getaway from life. Every two weeks I felt like you gave us invaluable tools to help us deal with everyday life. Your course truly enhanced my personal journey in spirituality.” 


Dear Mindful Family -

Thank you for taking me on this journey to the here and now. This class was special for two reasons, first, we were shown so many differnent portals into living mindfully (walking, eating, excercising, multiple breathing techniques, drawing) so that we could find the right access point for each of us, and secondly we had rich discussions and sharings as we embarked on these new practices and ways of living that made it all less scary, no judgement just a place of community and support. Thank you mindful family for helping me become a more present and peaceful person. My family thanks you too :-)  Julia


"I truly enjoyed our session today. Quite frankly I did not know what to expect but I liked the fact that it was a combination of exercises and talking.  The group seems also very receptive and willing to share."


Dear Veronique.

I have benefited enormously from your first course and would love to explore more mindful techniques. I feel like a different person - more aware, more present and more calm. You have given all of us an enormous and very powerful tool to tackle our daily activities. I witness it everyday in my dealings with what life throws at me - the breathing techniques, meditation and your thought provoking subjects create a shield around me. I realize this is just the beginning of the journey, but I am very happy that I made that first step onto this path.  

Thank you! Best, Kasia


"I enjoyed the class yesterday a lot! I was full of energy for the rest of the day and fell asleep as soon as I hit the bed. So that was different for me. I enjoyed the class so much that it almost felt too short if I may say so."


"I wanted to give you some brief feedback about the Mindfulness course.  Most importantly for me, I really enjoyed the time spent and I believe that I have learned to pay a bit more attention to my body and my behaviors in a variety of situations.  I am more mindful of my reactions and am often able to change my impulse with reflection. I know that the skills I have tried to learn will serve me well if I practice them.  The structure of the class suited me.  I like that we met every other week, instead of more frequently.  I got the most benefit out of actually doing the exercises in class with you watching and guiding.  Some of the sharing and group talking time was okay, but I got more benefit from the actual doing, rather than talking.  I did not practice at home as much as I had hoped, but there is always the "right now" to get started with that.  I hope that I will be able to keep having access to the course on the website to refresh my memory about how to do some of the meditations.  I would definitely recommend the class to other people who are interested."









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