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From the Luanda International School - parent group -


Comments during and after a series of five sessions over a three weeks period

These sessions are teaching me to have time for myself. To not feel guilty for putting myself first once in a while. To recharge, calm my inner self so I can care for others. I enjoy each session and what I can learn.



I think it has been very good to me. I am able to pay more attention at the things I am doing. I am calmer. Even when I am washing the dishes, I use the meditations and I realized that it becomes more pleasurable. Learning to focus. I would like to know how I can use it with children. Thank you.



Wonderful lessons, thank you Veronique. I practiced at home and it really helped me to relax. I advised my husband to start doing with the people at the office. It’s a good way to discover myself and to learn how to pay attention more. I’ve learned to be more gentle and sensitive. Thank you!



Mindfulness is helping me to calm down my wandering mind. I am trying to train my mind to be in the present, not to worry about past or planning for future. Veronica is a great inspiration! She is an awesome teacher!! I love her classes!!!



Sessions are very relaxing, enjoy very much the group environment. Encouraging more positive thoughts and actions. Please can we find a way to keep the group together after Veronique leaves so more practice can be done with others also interested?



Very interesting, makes you aware of your mind, body and surroundings. Really great motivating to practice in your daily life. I truly enjoy the sessions but I need a lot of practice. Maybe we can by doing the walk through ourselves?


Learnt how to concentrate and listen much more. Very useful for me/us as mothers and of course parents too. I did not know about it till here when I was very excited to practice it. Many examples, just hit our real life and was very impressed when others also has the same thing. Thank you always,



Thanks for bringing consciousness to our lives. To live the present and be aware of the little details and gifts we have around. See you next week!


I go to an orphanage every week and I would like to learn how to do meditations with them. They are very agitated. Thank you



Very impressive mindful sessions. These sessions should be held once a week for students and parents. Makes you more aware of your body.


I am so grateful to learn to be aware of my thoughts and be aware of my feelings, to help me to know me better and have time for myself. Thanks a lot.



I have learnt to have more time for myself. To focus on my breath and how powerful it is.



Hello, I see this practice very helpful in my life. I am very lucky to be at the correct place at the correct time. Thank you very much to introduce me to mindfulness.



Thank you so much for the wonderfully liberating sessions over the past few weeks. Mindfulness has a special place in my day and I promise to practice as often as my body needs it! All the best, Veronique J


Learnt a lot of how to manage my life specially with my husbands and kids. Sessions are useful; it touched / learnt / linked to real examples in my real life. Concentrate and let go. Thank you,



To stay calm @ times when I can’t control the situation e.g. traffic, delayed flights.


I just loved it. I will be here to get together.



Parent group comments after watching “Room to Breathe” and “Free the Mind” movies


From watching the movies I realize how we can change our lives by just training our mind.


Finding inner peace & how to now try help others around me.


I captured the importance to breathe and meditate to help us find where is the root of our anger and sadness. Mindfulness I find out is important to school to each student try to respect others and avoid reflect this anger with others. Thanks a lot.:)


I know the movie is an extreme example but it’s great to see that soldiers who seemed once lost their life got back “LIFE” again with the mindful method.

Breathing, breathing, breathing…. Before you talk to your children when they are bad.


A bit depressing and sad at first but was great to see how everyone progressed positively by the end.


I liked the inclusive classroom and how tactfully the teacher solved the conflict in a mindful way.


I enjoy watching the mindfulness and breathing techniques used with kids and how it improves their fears.


I understand using the example re-meditation from the Buddhist religion BUT any religion supporters can benefit from this and it needs to be communicated to the students. I find this topic fascinating and meditate myself. I meditate on the Word of God and just quiet and in the moment with the senses etc…

Keep it up!


It is an emotional and touching movie. Lot to learn for ourselves. How to overcome a problem like fear.


The movie really touched me and inside me think on how I can control my emotions and reactions in life ( anger…) to be a better person and approach life, applying this in learning also. Once I have worked on self< I can help my family and impact environment, helping things and situation, … issues,… go more smoothly,

This approach is very essential in learning. I think it is a great idea to apply it and communicate to kids in school.


I felt sympathy for the situations, the individuals going through their challenges, but was inspired and hopeful and encouraged by the changes. Patience is key in mindfulness. I would like to see more films. I would also like more practical examples like exercises with Veronique.


It was very interesting and helpful to see how breathing and paying attention to where the tightness is can be so instrumental in quickly calming ( and solving) a tense situation. I will be looking to practice this myself and speak more about it with my year 2 son and especially year 4 daughter. This will be helpful in our home. J








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