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The real voyage of discovery consists

not in seeking new landscapes,

but in having new eyes.


Marcel Proust



Why Mindful Family?


   Mindful Family is born of a vision of a world where beauty is noticed, joy is shared freely, healthy living exists as a reality, caring communities become the norm. In this new environment, integrity, simplicity and truth transform our way of being, stress-related ailments and limiting beliefs turn into history, balance and harmony are restored. This fresh perspective on life allows our hearts to dream and expand, our bodies, minds and souls to be fully nourished.
What is Mindful Family?
   As a community cultivating joy in stillness, Mindful Family offers a loving and healing presence. We believe that growing in self-awareness, resilience and kindness, practising and sharing new and useful habits, releasing harmful stress-related behaviours inspires mindful health and holistic living.

How does Mindful Family operate?


    Our expertise extends to all stages of life, starting before conception until the transition into another state of being. Our support fosters a mindful, compassionate and peaceful perspective to life's events.


     Our deepest wish is to help restore balance and harmony in the whole being, family and community system and promote self-healing holistic practices. 

Where is Mindful Family located?
   At this time, you can find our courses, therapy sessions and activities in several locations in the London area, UK, internationally and online. On demand, we share our experience and are available to travel to international destinations.

 Contact us,
 if you wish to join a course or an event,
 book a private mindfulness or healing session,
 invite us to a new location,
 participate in original mindful activities …








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