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“Beautify your inner dialogue. 

Beautify your inner world
with love light and compassion. 
Life will be beautiful.” 


Amit Ray
... According to Veronique Ryan, who trained as a GP in her native France and now advises on healing, it's not as impossible as it sounds. "Being more mindful, focusing on the present moment, can benefit everyone. It's not just for gurus," she insists. "Mindfulness is a way of tapping into that feeling of calm and happiness, one breath at a time."...



Thank you Catalina Stogdon from the Telegraph for your lovely words. It was such a pleasure to meet you and share some of my experience with you!


Summer term 2018 Mindfulness-based activities in London with Véronique

Mindful Parenting Series


Friday May 11th

Friday June 8th

Friday July 6th

@ 7:30- 9pm 

@ Tufnell Park


A group exploration of the skills of Mindful Parenting and nurturing Mindful Families.

The meeting starts with a 30mn group meditation and is followed by an hour group sharing. Be on time!


£20 per person per day

£30 per couple per day

£50 per person for all three sessions paid in advance


Contact us for details


Mindfulness for Young People


"Intro to Mindfulness" weekends for children and teens


@ May 12th & 13th 2018

@ 6-7 pm  5-10 yr old

@ 7:15-8:15 pm  11-14 yr


@ May 19th & 20th 2018

@ 5:30-6:30 pm  5-10 yr

@ 6:45-7:45 pm  11-14 yr


@ Tufnell Park


An introduction to simple yet effective practices to relieve stress and lead a more present life aligned to our state of a healthy body and mind.

Equally good for first time or repeat students; each session is unique. Perfect to stay calm, relaxed adn effective before and during the end-of-year exams.

Small groups with a maximum of 10 participants.

£ 30 for one weekend

£ 50 for both weekends


6-Week Courses

I wish to form more groups that are as close as possible in age, so if you are interested please let me know as soon as you can. I really encourage you to invite friends that may be interested and have them contact me directly. So many children now need support and benefit immensely from these practices! Spread the word...

Let me know your children's ages and what days/times are possible: 

  • Wednesdays, Thursdays or Fridays, 
  • 4 pm or 5 pm ( 6 pm is also possible on Fridays)

All these classes will be limited in numbers and occur in Tufnell Park.

The fee will be £ 90 per child for one hour session per week for six weeks. 

This programme will be a more condensed version of the regular courses according to each age group.

Payment upon booking to reserve your child's space. 


Contact us 



International Women Circle


Sunday July 8th, 2018

@ 6:30 - 8:30 pm

@ Tufnell Park N7 or remotely


This circle includes a meditation time, sharing, sound and healing. We explore various ways to engage in a healthy holistic living style.

Option to join the circle in meditation from home for those outside the London area.

Feel free to Contact us if you wish to include someone specific for healing. 

Free (Donation welcome to a charity)


Contact us for details




Devotional Chanting Group in London

Thursday June 7th 2018

Thursday July 5th 2018

@ 7 - 8 pm

@ Tufnell Park


A new monthly open space to chant The Note from Heaven as taught by Githa Ben David.
Chanting the Note from Heaven helps detoxify the body, release self-limiting beliefs or old traumas and brings us closer to who we truly are.
Allow yourself to be amazed at the power of the group welcoming sacred sound and moving into greater levels of stillness. Resting in the silence following the sound brings an unparalleled restorative period and deeply integrates the experience.

Free (Donation welcome to be used for charitable work)
RSVP essential, spaces limited


For info, watch this


Healing sessions with Véronique in London or by skype


All healing sessions are available for adults and children/teens

  1. In person at the Highgate Holistic Clinic on Tuesday afternoons 2:30 - 8:30 pm starting October 3rd 2017.
  2. On skype (flexible times - not soudn healing)

Contact us for details


Energy Healing or Sound Healing


Completely non-invasive. All you need is an intention to heal yourself from a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual dis-ease, time to relax and allow the healing to take place. Seated or lying, clothes on, a light touch on your shoulders or none if you prefer. This healing can also be practised at a distance via skype or phone.

Contact us for details


Soul Plan readings and healings


Wondering what your true life purpose is? Struggling perhaps with facin gthe same challenges gain and again? Soul Plan is the perfect way to get clarity and insights. An ancient system calculated using your birth name, linking letters with sounds.

Contact us for details


Soul Transformation Therapy

(Core Issue Therapy)


Are you experiencing blocks in your life? Not knowing what is affecting your health, impeding your creativity, disrupting your relationships, slowing down your business, ...? Trying to recover from trauma or disease? Soul Transformation Therapy will point out where the issues reside and with creative, simple and highly practical healing techniques will help release the blocks and restore a sense of flow in your life.

Contact us for details




Meanwhile in Luanda...

Talatona Women Circle

Next dates TBA March/April 2018


Luanda Weekly Meditation group @ The Studio

The group meets every Saturday at 6:30 pm for meditation at Hamilton and Sheila's yoga studio. THE STUDIO is located in Praia do Bispo, in the street just behind the big office buildings in front of Chicala, house number 70, light green wall. There's an outdoor sign to look out for. 

Some experience in meditation is advised as it is a half hour silent practice. Free.

Contact us for details





Alex's brilliant book on The Inner Power of Stillness 


Exciting new reflections and practical advices exploring the role of the therapist and the healing process itself, taking into consideration both the client and the therapist's health at once.



Buy the book here

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