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The teacher who is indeed wise does not bid you

to enter the house of his wisdom

but rather leads you to the threshold of your mind.


Kahlil Gibran



We believe that acquiring sustainable mindful life skills can help all of us lead better lives and be more fulfilled. With the support of our shared practices, little by little, we may be able to transform our own - sometimes stressed or uneasy - lives into a more present, peaceful, happy and fulfilling experience.


We propose

  • a large number of alternative therapies, healing sessions and awareness-based coaching.
  • variety of mindful explorations that we share together on a more irregular basis. These activities are chosen to trigger our curiosity, our sense of awe and wonder, a state of relaxation. They aim at increasing our general sense of physical well-being and overall health awareness and are offered in a joyful and relaxed environment. 
  • a wide range of ongoing mindfulness-based courses for children, adolescents, adults and the whole family in the London, UK and Luanda, Angola areas


We hope this adventure and the building of a mindful community speak to you. We are very happy to make it available for all that are interested. 


We look forward to meeting each and every one of you.


Do not hesitate to contact us if you are curious, wish to know more of have any question at all.


Note that ​​several languages (French, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish) may also be available for some of the activities.


If you are curious about our UPCOMING ACTIVITIES AND COURSES,







The first thing you discover is

a kind of emptiness,

a silence,

a presence which doesn't seem to have content to it,

like looking up

at a limitless sky. 


That boundary-less place

inside you

is your own consciousness,

your awareness. 


When you relax into it,

you realize that it's also full -

it is everything. 


You realize this presence is

what you really are: Love.


Arjuna Ardagh



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