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mindful family adolescents programmes ages 11-18


"It takes courage to endure the sharp pain of self-discovery

rather than choose to take the dull pain of unconsciousness

that would last the rest of our lives”


Marianne Williamson



Mindful Family offers several options for adolescents.


In small private groups of 5 to 12 students, or in school settings, we teach  THE .B MINDFULNESS PROGRAMME, a nine-week long one-hour session series. This playful and engaging curriculum introduces adolescents  to a wide range of meditations and concepts. Its beneficial impact on the students well-being has been reconfirmed by an in-depth study completed last fall by the universities of Exeter, Cambridge and Oxford.



In schools that can only dedicate a more limited amount of time to the teaching of mindfulness, THE MINDFUL SCHOOLS CURRICULUM may be more suited. It is delivered in two fifteen minutes weekly sessions over a period of nine weeks. The intent of this programme is to give a taste of mindfulness to the students with the introduction of one concept or practice per unit. It is advisable to present this programme school-wide, or at least grade-wide, in order to get its full impact. This option is not available to small private groups.



There also exists the possibility of AN INDIVIDUALISED TUITION with one-on-one or two-on-one sessions. In this case, the Mindful Family programme will be very fluid and respond to the specific  needs of the adolescent(s) on the day. The choice as well as the order of introduction of the mindfulness practices will follow the adolescent(s)'s progression.









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