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Don’t worry about what the world needs.

Ask what makes you come alive and do that.

Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.


Howard Thurman


London and UK team

Véronique Ryan

Mindful Family founder & Healer


   After an initial start as a Medical Doctor in France and many years raising her four children in the US and London, Veronique turned her attention to meditation, mindfulness and healing. Her passion is to share her deep knowledge of the healing process and teach self-healing skills. She founded the Mindful Family collective in 2013 and is currently a practising healer.


   She loves to work in various settings. Thanks to the ubiquitous internet, she has now refined her online practice to allow for her rather nomadic lifestyle.

Emily Housman

DreamBirth® teacher, Doula & Midwife


   Emily has worked for over a decade with families in England and around the world. A doula, currently completing her midwifery training in London, Emily is passionate about woman-centred care that promotes informed decision-making whilst helping women access and use their unique intuition. With a background in psychology, Emily teaches DreamBirth® Imagery techniques to women and couples, providing them with visualisation tools to prepare effectively for pregnancy, birth and parenting.

   She currently spends her time between the rural Norfolk with her family, and Tufnell Park in London.


Alexander Filmer-Lorch

Author, Teacher & Therapist















Susanne Kaiser

Medical Herbalist, Abdominal & Cranio Sacral Therapist









Kristina Mendez Matejova

Person Centred Integrative NLP Coach, Hypnotherapist, Aromatherapist, Massage Teacher & Author


KMM Serenity Therapies founded by Kristina Mendez Matejova and based in London, UK offers Person Centred Integrative NLP and Hypnotherapy as well as wellbeing coaching, Aromatherapy consultations and Massage courses. Kristina delivers inspirational talks, is very present on social media (KMM Serenity Therapies and Bump Into The Unknown) and a published author. Her latest book Pieces is available here



Samara Hana Mokrisova

Children Yoga teacher


Samara weaves Yoga methodology and mental imagery to help children develop an awareness of body and mind. She draws on 20 years of experience of working with children. She currently supports children along the autism spectrum for a London based charity via yoga and playwork as well being a volunteer in the Son-Rise programme for autism.







Adrian Beckingham

Storyteller & Author
















International team


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