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Don’t worry about what the world needs.

Ask what makes you come alive and do that.

Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.


Howard Thurman


London and UK team

Véronique Ryan, MD

Mindful Family founder & Healer


   After an initial start as a Medical Doctor in France and many years raising her four children in the US and London, Veronique turned her attention to meditation, mindfulness and healing. Her passion is to share her deep knowledge of the healing process and teach self-healing skills. She founded the Mindful Family collective in 2013 and is currently a practising healer.


   She loves to work in various settings. Thanks to the ubiquitous internet, she has now refined her online practice to allow for her rather nomadic lifestyle.

Alexander Filmer-Lorch

Author, Teacher & Therapist


   Alexander trained as a professional dancer with the John Cranko Ballet Academy in Stuttgart, Germany. His extensive studies of Eastern psychology and philosophy, yogic disciplines and meditation took place in the traditional one-to-one practice of teacher and student. 

   He opened his clinic Insight Therapy in 2002 where he treats and facilitates people as a Cranio-Sacral practitioner, as well as teaching ‘Inner Work’ and meditation. Alexander has created a style of remedial yoga more suited to the western body, based on the latest research into the interconnectedness of fascia.

   Alexander founded Inside Meditation, a modern school of neutral thought in London, offering a range of CPD programmes.  In addition he delivers CPD training for the Upledger Institute, UK and Europe.  He mentors a variety of practitioners who work with the psychological and or physiological body; designing and delivering accredited meditation-therapy courses and teacher trainings.

   In September 2016 Alexander was invited to teach, his first CPD program The Inner Power of Stillness and Presence in a Therapeutic Relationship to clinicians and managers at the South West London and St George’s Mental Health Trust. The intention is to increase both personal resilience as well as the therapeutic effectiveness of staff in different areas of the public health sector.

Alexander’s work as a practitioner, mentor, author, presenter, philosophical thinker, and teacher is a synthesis of 35 years of experience in movement, yogic disciplines, meditation, applied philosophy and Eastern psychology, aiming to bring the body, mind and spirit to a natural state of meditative synthesis.

   His first book, Inside Meditation was published in 2012, and his second book The Inner Power of Stillness, Handspring Publishing, arrived in August 2016.


Susanne Kaiser

Medical Herbalist, Maya Abdominal & Cranio Sacral Therapist


Susanne Kaiser is a Medical Herbalist, she practices Functional Medicine, Aromatherapy and a wide range of bodywork, mindset and resilience therapies.  She runs a busy practice in Camden, lectures at the University of Westminster and teaches herbs and holistic health courses in the UK and abroad. 



Emily Housman

DreamBirth® teacher, Doula & Midwife


   Emily has worked for over a decade with families in England and around the world. A doula, currently completing her midwifery training in London, Emily is passionate about woman-centred care that promotes informed decision-making whilst helping women access and use their unique intuition. With a background in psychology, Emily teaches DreamBirth® Imagery techniques to women and couples, providing them with visualisation tools to prepare effectively for pregnancy, birth and parenting.

   She currently spends her time between the rural Norfolk with her family, and Tufnell Park in London.


Samara Hana Mokrisova

Kundalini Yoga teacher


   Samara weaves Yoga methodology and mental imagery to help children develop an awareness of body and mind. She draws on 20 years of experience of working with children.

   Samara is trained in Kundalini Yoga for adults and Starchild Yoga for children. 

   She currently supports children along the autism spectrum for a London based charity via yoga and playwork as well as being a volunteer in the Son-Rise programme for autism.


Mayella Maxwell

Intuitive Healer & Personal Coach


As a facilitator, a mentor, an Intuitive Healer and Personal Coach I help people to get beyond their blocks, their stuckness, to get to the core of who they really are – so that they can see themselves from an empowering viewpoint and are free to be fully expressed.

I am a no nonsense sort of person, and when I’m focusing on a client or student I’m not afraid to say what needs to be said – but, I do make sure that the space is safe for anything to show up – nothing phases me, so far!

I have been pushing my own boundaries since I was a child and that innate pushing is a strong drive to help others push their boundaries.

My life experience has enabled me to deal with whatever shows up in a one-to-one session.  I have gone through intense personal transformation and have dared to turn the perceived reality of victimhood into a reality of thriving.  I therefore bring to the table the power of turning the worst situations, and the beliefs we create from them, into positive life affirming learnings.

My coaching background strengthens my ability to listen, not only to what is being said but to what is also in the unsaid.  I use my intuitive abilities to access information from the invisible world, which helps my clients get to what is in their sub-conscious. I believe we hold deep beliefs in the sub-conscious, some of which no longer serve us which can create blocks and barriers, and it is through my intuitive healing that I then remove these unwanted beliefs and download new ones to replace them.


Paula Hollings

Alexander Technique Teacher, Kundalini Yoga Teacher & Acupuncturist


   Paula was first introduced to Kundalini Yoga in 2003 by Guru Dharam Singh, a distinguished teacher whose one-pointed presence helped re-open the gateways to higher consciousness in a new way. She trained as a Kundalini Yoga Therapist with Guru Dharam in Sweden in 2008, and the following year she also trained as a Kundalini Yoga Instructor with the International School of Kundalini Yoga (iSKY). 


   Paula’s experiences as a Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist are informed by her skills as an Alexander Technique teacher, which she has been practicing since qualifying in 1988. Through this work, she helps people with a wide range of conditions, such as RSI, scoliosis, back pain, as well as performers and those who are keen to develop more ease and efficiency in movement. 


   Rounding out her healing credentials, in 2017 Paula qualified as a practitioner of classical acupuncture. She brings to all of her work the qualities of patience, humour and contemplative stillness which much travel and 30 years of meditation have given her.


Shefali Bhasin

Commercial Artist, Bollywood Dancer


   Shefali Bhasin is a commercial artist by profession. Dance was always her hobby. Yoga has been her passion for the last 10 years. 
   She puts the two together so that nobody can hurt themselves during dance if their limbs are secure in their joints. Hence Bollywood dance always follows after yoga. She finds Bollywood dance a great stress buster. 
   Bollywood dance is an expression of emotions to match the words in the songs and includes moving most parts of your body hence it’s a good workout with creativity!! Everyone can try it!! 

Kristina Mendez Matejova

Person Centred Integrative NLP Coach, Hypnotherapist, Aromatherapist, Massage Teacher & Author


   KMM Serenity Therapies founded by Kristina Mendez Matejova and based in London, UK offers Person Centred Integrative NLP and Hypnotherapy as well as wellbeing coaching, Aromatherapy consultations and Massage courses.

   Kristina delivers inspirational talks, is very present on social media (KMM Serenity Therapies and Bump Into The Unknown) and a published author. Her latest book Pieces is available here



International team


Karine Finne @ Lifetone

Spiritual Coach, Sound Healer, YinYangYoga Instructor and Gong Master


“The Gong and sound changed my world. The wonderful vibrations filled my life in a new way I never imagined. Playing the Gong for myself and others, has given my life a new dimension. Finding your own "Lifetone", your full inner potential is always within reach.” 

   Karine is currently working as a spiritual coach, sound-healer and as yoga instructor. 

She is a graduate from the Norwegian College of Holistic Therapy, certified Leadership by Heart Coach, sound healer trained by Githa Ben David, certified YinYang Yoga Instructor from The YinYang Yoga Academy and a Gong Master trained by Mehtab Benton.

   She has treated and supported people in their inner and outer healing processes her whole life. She holds education from UiO in Chemistry and Environmental Sciences, has long international business experience, including engagement in Kenya, with focus on empowering of women, environmental protection and renewable energy. 

   As a spiritual coach, she gives sessions in regression and transformation, healing, relaxation and mindfulness. She is particularly concerned with the awakening of our feminine qualities and to balance the masculine and feminine.

   She has practiced meditation for many years and been engaged in spiritual development which has led her to use sound, light and vibration in her professional work.



Mary Ann Crowl @ Nourish and Replenish

Psychotherapist & Functional Nutritionist











Guy Van Der Burgt & Natalie Van Driessche @ Ambrosia Healing 


Guy: Energy Healer & Psychic Reader

26 years ago I started my Spiritual development in Belgium. After several courses and trainings in Belgium in dowsing, healing and holistic therapy, Shiatsu, cranio-sacral therapy and Meridians and in England in mediumship and healing, energetic therapy and shamanistic healing I decided, together with my wife Natalie who is a Reiki Master, to set up Ambrosia. 



Natalie: Reiki Master & Angel Energy Therapist

My spiritual journey started when I was a young child and to be honest, it never really occurred to me what it was. I frequently had the impression that there was some voice in my head I could talk to, but also the realisation that this wasn’t something to talk about at home. I never really wondered where these voices came from or who they were… it didn’t really matter. The big breakthrough came when we were living in Cambridge and we came across some people form the Spiritualist church; one thing lead to another. The more I focussed on certain subjects, the more I realised that the knowledge was already there and it was time for it to come up. Somehow, I had the feeling from the start that Healing was the path for me. Reiki, Aura and Chakra training were completed in London and Belgium. Based on all this, Guy and I decided to start Ambrosia and here we are…


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