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Sarah Lidsey


Sarah has traveled extensively, going to sacred sites around the world, being gifted and receiving from them, seemingly walking the creation lines of the earth.  She sees travel as part of her spiritual service and each place she’s visited has informed her work enormously, grounding the beautiful energetics through her Being so that she may bring them through for others too.


In addition, she has been following a Path of Understanding for many years, largely drawing on the wisdom and compassion teachings of Tibetan Buddhism, but also on indigenous traditions from around the world.  She attended the Kalachakra Initiations given by His Holiness the Dalai Lama in Bodh Gaya in 2012, and has been fortunate to receive other empowerments and teachings His Holiness has given in the United States and abroad, as well as those bestowed by Tibetan High Lamas and other incredible Beings from Eastern traditions.


Sarah’s energy therapy work rests on her appreciation of the sacred nature of all Beings and on the importance of balance and harmony in our lives.  To Sarah these are foundational principles of life that inform her life and work.  Present in wisdom teachings from around the world, Sarah has received these understandings as blessings that have appeared to guide her on her path, and in turn she offers the knowledge she has received to others to help unfold their own journeys.


Natural health and vitality is our birthright and naturally exists between our spirit, the land we live on, and our physical bodies. In each therapeutic session she offers, Sarah assists her clients to create what they want in their lives, to transform their relationships with themselves and with those around them, and so step into their full potential.


Alternative Education       

  • 2000-2004 - The Barbara Brennan School of Healing, Florida; certified Brennan Healing Science Practitioner
  • 2002- 2014 VortexHealing; certified Practitioner
  • 2002- Quantum Energetics with Dr. Patricia Fields
  • 2003-2014 - Sound Healing with Tom Kenyon            
  • 2005-2011 - Established my own Healing Practice, LifeForce Healing, in New York
  • 2008 NeurOptimal, Neurofeedback: certified Trainer
  • 2008-2011  The Wellness Center, The Open Center, New York, a highly regarded holistic educational facility in Manhattan
  • 2009- 2014  Sri’ama Qala Phoenix, The Self-Mastery School of Loving Presence


LifeForce Healing is a unique blend of metaphysical, celestial, ancient, and shamanic energies. With LifeForce Healing obstacles that hold you back in your life are cleared; elements that have become depleted are regenerated; aspects that no longer serve you are transformed; and your natural vitality is restored so that you can transcend the painful nitty-gritty of life.


Photos by Sarah Lidsey.



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The first thing you discover is

a kind of emptiness,

a silence,

a presence which doesn't seem to have content to it,

like looking up at a limitless sky. 


That boundary-less place

inside you

is your own consciousness,

your awareness. 


When you relax into it,

you realize that it's also full -

it is everything. 


You realize this presence is

what you really are: Love.


Arjuna Ardagh




For last year's words belong to last year's language
And next year's words await another voice.
And to make an end is to make a beginning.

T.S. Eliot, Little Gidding



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