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“Thank you all, it was a wonderful day and I very much enjoyed meeting you all. 

Thank you Veronique for organising this day, it seemed that people got a lot out of it and really enjoyed it!”
Susi, Jan 2019
“I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the meditation, muscle testing and Bollywood yoga sessions last Sunday.
From experiencing muscle testing for the first time to laughing in my attempt to replicate difficult Bollywood movements, I really enjoyed spending time with each of the groups and allowing myself a moment to clear my mind and relax.”
PR, Jan 2019


“The Mindful Family sessions have been an excellent way for me to recover from a long week and re-energize for the next one.

I haven’t always been a very spiritual person but as someone who is trying to get more in touch with that side of myself, I find the sessions very helpful.

Especially the guided relaxation session helped me understand the power of taking some time out of my day to rest to reflect on how I am feeling.”

Bart, Sep 2018 & Jan 2019


“Mindful Family provides a diverse range of techniques to unwind from the stresses in the week.
From more familiar exercises such as mindfulness practicing and yoga to more niche exercises that include sonic meditation and healing sessions.
Every time I leave the classes feeling calm, relaxed and energized.
Veronique and the rest of the team are very welcoming and create a warm atmosphere.
Great way to reset at the end of the week.” 

Carl, Sept 2018 & Jan 2019


"My 6,5 years old child enjoys enormously his yoga class and then I enjoy myself the following classes where we learn many different ways to feel peace and calm.

I am looking forward to the next one!"

NE, Oct 2018 & Jan 2019


"I learned about telling my 9 yr old son to relax, imagining he is in a bubble.

We will implemnent this in our daily life."

CV, Sep & Oct 2018


"I received tips to help my 8 yr-old son to do mindfulness in the everyday activities. Thanks for providing the experience."

PO, Sep & Oct 2018









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